Endless extensibility – the LawVu API

With the LawVu API, developers can build custom workflows and add-ons for LawVu customers.

About the LawVu API

The LawVu API is a web-based REST API. You can create and retrieve individual field level information or in bulk.

You can access key capabilities in LawVu including:


Retrieve, create and update matters and more


Retrieve, create and update contracts and more


Retrieve departments, regions, fields and more


Retrieve and upload invoices from a matter


“The LawVu API is really easy to use, with a complete implementation, and it’s reliable. The thing we like most about the developer portal is that you can test the API directly from it, really handy for when you need to test before development.”

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Check out the documentation and API reference to see what is possible today with the LawVu API.

Get started with the LawVu API

Existing customers and third-party developers can register to gain access to our developer tools. You can also email us developer@lawvu.com for more information.