Automating legal work is simple with the LawVu connector for Power Platform

Use our connector to easily create custom, automated workflows to speed up internal processes with Power Automate in Microsoft 365. Designed for Legal Ops, you can extend your legal workspace to suit your unique needs, and connect with all the systems your business uses. All by yourself.

Increase ROI

Boost efficiency by removing steps, duplication and friction across repetitive workflows

Achieve value fast

An approachable low/no-code DIY tool, starter templates and familiar Microsoft 365 suite

Improve service

Collaborate with the business more effectively by meeting teams where they work

Reduce risk

Less manual input means less human error or people viewing sensitive information

How it works

Contains a set of prebuilt triggers and actions you can use to create automations based on events in LawVu using Power Automate – a no/low-code drag and drop workflow builder within Microsoft 365 that enables people to easily create simple workflows based on their specific business systems and needs. Within a workflow, you can apply prebuilt actions/steps and business logic which allows automations to interact with LawVu matter, file and contract management, removing the need for manual admin.

The LawVu connector is one of the many available on the Microsoft Power Platform – use it to connect to Power Apps, Azure Logic Apps and more.


“This thing is amazing … From what I’ve been able to do so far – my team will now have perfect metrics going forward…  It’s not just saving time, it’s saving human error!”

Mike Vitko – Senior Manager, Legal Operations – Somatus

On using Microsoft Power Automate to automate mundane and error-prone tasks.

One automation tracks legal service time, which has enabled Mike to prove resource gaps and hire another legal council. Another, automates their contract document execution process, adding to a repository with enriched data, saving three Somatus attorneys 1.5+ hours each per week. 

Take the efficiency of LawVu to the next level

Now legal ops can omit mundane, repetitive steps, customize matter and contract management workflows, improve handoffs between systems and teams and better understand their legal service metrics. The possibilities are endless – explore the prebuilt actions and triggers, starter templates and common legal examples to see what you could do.

Get started today

1. Get a Power Automate licence: before you start, you will need your own Microsoft Power Automate licence.

2. Speak to us: reach out to your LawVu representative to learn about pricing, see how it works and ensure you have the add-on enabled on your subscription.

3. Start accessing: once enabled, search for “LawVu '' within Power Automate.

What could I do with the LawVu connector for Power Platform?


Here are some common legal use cases


Automate intake routing based on your organization’s specific rules using custom or standard LawVu fields like region, priority, complexity, and value


Smart task assignment: automatically assign a set of tasks based on any facet of a legal request


Intake and triage using forms or bots such as Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents


Send notifications to other platforms and channels such as Slack or Teams


Integrate with other systems such as iManage, NetDocuments, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and more, to sync data and documents

Quick starter templates 

We’ve curated a range of easy templates based on common legal workflows that you can pick up and adapt to suit your needs. These automate repetitive steps across matters, contracts and SharePoint, covering file uploads, naming conventions, matter creation, personalized or Slack channel notifications and more. See our connector for Power Platform templates guide on the LawVu Help Centre to learn more. 

LawVu prebuilt triggers and actions

Automation triggers
  • Matter is created
  • Matter is updated
  • Matter’s state changes (e.g. completed)
  • Status message is posted
  • Matter tag is added
Workflow actions
  • Create a matter
  • Update a matter
  • Get matter
  • Get matter members
  • Post status message to matter
  • Add task template to matter
  • Add member to a matter
Automation triggers
  • Contract is created
  • Contract is updated
  • Contract stage changes (e.g. out for signing)
  • Status message is posted
  • Contract document is updated
  • Key date is created 
  • Key date is updated
Workflow actions
  • Create a contract (wizard or upload)
  • Update a contract
  • Get contract
  • Get contract members
  • Post status message to contract
  • Add member to a contract
  • Get contract key dates
Automation triggers
  • File is uploaded
Workflow actions
  • Get matter or contract files
  • Get matter or contract folders
  • Get file
  • Upload file to matter or contract
Workflow actions
  • Get fields, task templates and teams
  • Search users and get user details

See our Connector for Power Platform FAQ for more details about Microsoft Power Automate and the connector.