Get started

The LawVu API lets you build custom workflows and add-ons to support your business needs.

LawVu customers and third-party developers can utilise our API to connect other systems, creating unique solutions to drive efficiency for the Legal team and wider business.  


API reference list

Ready to test it out?

Please follow these steps to get building against the LawVu API.

Step 1

Register for LawVu Developer access. We’ll provide you with our “Integrations” sandbox environment. In here, you can freely develop and test your integration. We’ll also give you a subscription key and LawVu credentials so you can get started.

Step 2

Build out your integration, using our guides and API reference docs. If you have specific queries about what is possible or how to use a specific endpoint, email us at

Step 3

Once you’ve got a working integration that is ready to ship, email us at to organise production API access. We will ask you any relevant questions and issue you with a Production API OAuth Client ID.